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Bleeding Edge

wxBasic Bleeding Edge Release

Bleeding Edge Release

Following the Open Source slogon "Release Early, Release Often", I'm making a "bleeding edge" release of wxWindows available. It's basically a snapshot of what's on my machine.

This version of wxBasic will move to the "official" download page when it is feature complete.

Download Bleeding Edge:

NOTE: Changes to Move and SetSize in the May 12, 2006 release may cause older programs to break!
  • wxBasic preview - source and Windows EXE (1.9 Meg) May 12, 2006.
  • Mark Ulrich is providing current binaries of the Linux executable as part of his POV Frontend project.
    wxBasic preview - Linux binaries

    These are the last unofficial releases of the old version:

  • Last updated on Friday, May 12, 2006